PODERE ARIZZI is located in Casciano, in the municipality of Murlo, 400 meters above sea level. Etruscan land, greatly appreciated by a tourism focused on charming towns and villages, reminiscence of history and pleasures of good food and wine.
The vineyards, neighboring the region of Montalcino, share the same ideal “terroir” for the production of Sangiovese. The climate in the area of Murlo always benefits of the influence of the sea that bathes the Tuscan coast, where the hills end.
In this region the soil is medium-textured, with adequate porosity and drainage – perfect for the cultivation of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes.

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The FATTORIA CAMPORIGNANO estate and winery lies on the Siena hills in one of the most charming Tuscan views. Its boundaries are the production areas of Chianti Classico on one side, and Vernaccia San Gimignano on the other, at the central point of the triangle between Siena, Volterra and San Gimignano, which can all be reached with a 30 minutes drive.
Comprising a 10 hectares vineyard and a large winery, it is characterized by a much focused production and relies on the use of high technology equipment, allowing the achievement of exceptional quality levels.

CANTINAMENA is first of all the story of a family. In 2004 the spouses Valeriano and Maria Rosa Mingotti, keeping an ancient promise, and driven by a passion for wine, acquired about twenty hectares in Campoleone di Lanuvio, in the Roman countryside. The idea is simple: selling grapes. A few years later, in 2012, their children Silvia, Enrico and Osvaldo decide to continue the dream by transforming the entrepreneurial intuition of the parents into Società Agricola Mingotti, a structured company with all the right credentials to establish itself on the market.
Clear ideas, solidity, enthusiasm and dedication are the basis of the Mingotti know-how. That is how the CantinAmena reds, whites and rosés prove their character and personality right from the first year. They record the pace of a compelling and winning journey!
The grapes are grown without the help of chemicals. They are collected by hand, to then be made into wine through natural processes without additives. A precise challenge, demanding and stimulating, sustained by the professionalism of a team that is on the front line, beside the Mingottis.


It all began in the 18th century when Bartolomeo Bortolomiol moved to Valdobbiadene to start an iron forging business for producing nails. It didn’t take him long to realize about the extraordinary value of the surrounding environment, the ideal place where to grow grapevines and enjoy their fruit. So he also started a wine making activity. His descent is identified as CIODET, according to the all Venetian custom of adding a nickname to the family, combining family kinship and work. The “Ciodet” are tireless workers, devoted to their shop and fans of well made things.
Throughout the years they have never abandoned their farming activity, and produced a wine that started being known for its quality.
Today Ciodet Spumanti is run with the same passion by Enrico and Alberto Bortolomiol. The respect for tradition meets the aptitude towards innovation in a perfect blend of past and future.

Since the beginning, MASO MARTIS, a small family estate based in Martignano, near Trento, dedicated their activity almost to the art of producing classic method sparkling wine Trento DOC. The classic method is the wine they love and the best expression of the terroir of Trentino. As the owner, the family Stelzer lives in the heart of the vineyard, the transition to organic farming was the natural consequence of their way of life that focuses on life quality.

Since 1961 the family Perdisa, owner of PALAZZONA DI MAGGIO, manage with passion their vineyards in the hills of Ozzano dell’Emilia, from 80 to 170 meters above sea level.
Most of the operations are hand made, from pruning to harvest. The grapes are selected by hand in the vineyard then, inside small boxes, they are moved into the cellar for the pressing stage.
The must became wine in our daily-cleaned and temperature controlled cellar. All this processes is followed to preserve the features of the terroir.
They are artisan winemaker, and have great respect for their customers, therefore they want to offer wines that are result of expertise and passion but always focused on environmental protection. That’s why they are reaching the biological certification.


At the foot of Mount Morrone, in the heart of Abruzzo, TENUTA SECOLO IX has held on to a strong bond with the district and its distinctive traits, among which the recovery of the cultivation of Moscatello. The skill and wisdom that were the bedrock of wine and oil production in the past, have been handed down to the present day and they are precisely what give that added value of commitment, research and dedication, nuances easily recognized in their products.
Tenuta Secolo IX builds its bond with the past of these lands by adopting local winegrowing traditions and winemaking methods, combining them with state-of-the-art technologies to enrich the traits of grape and wine.
Interaction, development and social ethics with respect to nature are the underpinning of this new reality.

The house named VILLA DI CORLO originates from the end of the seventeenth century. It is situated in the same estate, of approximately 100 hectares, a quarter of which are vineyards. The estate has belonged to the same family for almost a century .
Right now the company would like to give an impression to the world of the innovative Lambrusco that is produced with particular care of the grapes, of low yields in the vineyard which are hand-picked during the harvest. In addition, use in the cellar of the cold wine-making technique that has proved successful. The result is a Lambrusco of high quality, harmonious and balanced with a clean and elegant aroma.
In addition to Lambrusco, Villa di Corlo is also a producer of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP.